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I grew up watching my uncle constantly sketching what was in front of him, in the courtrooms of NYC or in our family living room. He never liked anyone to pose, wanting to capture everyone exactly as they are. This intrigued me, and he always encouraged me to see things differently. From experimenting with with a classic Polaroid and later my dad’s Nikon as a child, to teaching a classroom full of elementary school-age kids in my career as a teacher, I always knew I’d find a way to combine my two passions: capturing story-filled moments behind a camera lens and being in the presence of spirited children.

My journey as a photographer began with photographing pets in Boulder, CO in 2006. When I moved back to my hometown of Chicago and had my first child several years later, I knew photographing children and families was where my heart was. I was moved by the power of a child’s laughter or the loving interaction between a dad and his baby girl. These moments grabbed my heart, and I believe it’s so important to preserve them in their genuine form forever.

How do I get inspired creatively? Playing with my two children (5 and 7), being out in nature, traveling, listening to Latin rhythms, and reading.  Fueling my imagination combined with a unique understanding of young kids is truly the cornerstone of Tiia Norsym Photography.

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