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I’m very excited to use this blog to help families waiting to adopt get the word out.  Alex, Bridget, and Emerson are eagerly awaiting a child in need of a loving family and home. Do you know anyone looking for a  family waiting to adopt? Please help them spread the word by joining their facebook page and asking your friends to join. See their Cradle and Facebook links below to learn more about them. I hope that Alex and Bridget will share their adoption story further as they continue on their journey.  Thank you for sharing! Please leave a comment below in support of Alex and Bridget and maybe they’ll win a adoption photo session to help them document their journey.

If you know of any families that have recently adopted, please share my blog and they can send their story to to give them a chance to win a photo session and set of gift prints. The contest ends at the end of January!  Go to this blog post to read more about my journey as an adoption photographer and why I want to tell their story: My adoption story

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I’m so excited to give away a complimentary session to a family that shares their adoption story and meaningful photograph here on my blog by the end of January. Send your story and photograph to  Please read this post below: Loving Adoption=A Beautiful Family to learn more about why Adoption Photography is so important to me and your family’s adoption story.

A sign on Palm Sunday | Adoption Photography

Laurel shared her touching story and photographs below. Thank you! When the time was right and after much patience, her family was blessed with a baby boy. Please leave your comments below for her.

One of the difficult parts about adopting is not being in control.  Adopting domestically, we waited and waited, hoping somewhere a birthmom would read our letter and feel a deep connection.  On palm Sunday, in the midst of mass, I had the overwhelming sensation of holding a baby in my arms.  I had no idea when that day would come, but I felt a sense of peace that we were meant to parent another child and that someday our dream really would come true.  Leaving church, I felt much more settled and the wait didn’t seem so daunting.  Little did we know that we would be getting a call several hours later that a birthmom in labor just chose us to adopt her baby boy. We were ecstatic.  Being practical people, we had thought we would be chosen during the 3rd trimester and would have plenty of time to prepare.  So we were frantically looking for the car seat in the basement, baby clothes from the attic, making plane and car rental reservations in Texas, putting together a crib, calling work to tell them we wouldn’t be in tomorrow, and packing for a two week trip.  None of us slept much that night in anticipation.  Even our 3 1/2 year old was up at 4 am bouncing off the walls so excited to meet her baby brother.  From the minute we saw him, Liam lit up our lives.  He is our happy little “smile machine” and we could never imagine our family without him.  We are grateful to his birth mom and are in awe of her strength and courage.   We feel so blessed to be part of the miracle of adoption and to share our story with you.