Multi-Generational Chicago Family Photography

This was a fun challenge for me, photographing 9 family members! I have photographed both of these sweet boys on other occasions, but this was the first time photographing the families together with their grandparents! I chose this image to highlight because I thought it was unique compared to the typical family portraits with everyone bunched together. I spread them out into their individual units, as the three daughters have grown and live their independent lives, yet come together from across the country to visit. Chicago family photography has become a favorite of mine. I love photographing children individually and focusing on them, but also really enjoy the relationships and interaction of a families and also the challenges of posing a large group. How often do families get their portraits taken? Not often enough I think! But because it’s a rare event, these photographs become family treasures. Their session started an hour before sunset. See how the color of the light changes from the beginning of the session up to the end just before the sun disappeared below the horizon.



  1. Adele Meehan says:

    What a beautiful family, it would make a great Christmas Card. The boys are absolutely adorable. Love the picture.

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