Children’s Photography Tips for Moms and Dads: Tip #3 Frame your Subject


Use objects or natural features in your environment to frame your subject. This adds interest and depth to your image as you can see in the image below. I played peek-a-boo with her to get her to look through the gate in this curious way. I was able to get direct eye contact and had the gate nicely framing her face, which emphasized her bright eyes. Also notice how I also achieved a shallow depth of field, with the gate slightly out of focus. I did this by using a wider aperture (smaller f-stop #) and I zoomed in with my lens. So the result is the background and the foreground are blurred, while my main subject is nicely in focus and highlighted. Give this a try! You do not have to frame the image on all sides, but just one or two sides. This is enough to draw the viewers eye to your point of interest in the image. Use a tree branch, other people, the side of a building, a doorway, or a window!

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