Children’s Photography Tips for Moms and Dads: Tip #1 Capture the moment

To kick off the completion of my newly optimized website thanks to Marc Fuller and my entry into the Twitter world (kicking and screaming), I’ll be sharing easy, everyday photography tips for moms and dads throughout the summer to help improve the snapshots you take of your children. What parent (or grandparent) doesn’t love to click away at the most beautiful face in their lives? We can’t get enough, right? I’m right there with you. I’m going focus on my own darlings as my samples during our daily activities to show you how simple it is to get better shots that are going to say more about who your children are at that moment in time.

Which leads me to tip number one! Perhaps a simple and obvious one to some, but, you know what, often we forget to just capture the moment. Get away from asking your kids to “say cheese” and ending up with an image that doesn’t really show their true energy. What were they doing at the moment BEFORE you asked them to smile for the camera? Were they picking on their little sister, daydreaming about recess the next day at school, or giggling because Dad just told them a silly joke. Those moments are the ones you’re going to look at when your children are grown and will give you a big smile.

This image I actually just got yesterday, Memorial Day at the spray park across from Navy Pier. What a wonderful, hot day! While Carter was in a quiet mood during the ferris wheel ride, once we hit this park, boy did he light up when those first jets popped out of the ground. That will definitely be a moment I won’t want to forget. There are a bunch of other tips I could offer around this image, but let’s just focus first on the moment here. It makes me want to be three again!


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