Children’s Photography Tips for Moms and Dads: Tip #2 A Different Perspective Tells a Story

Try looking at the fun that’s unfolding before you from a different perspective. While we usually take pictures head on and at our eye level, how about getting behind the subject and low to the ground as in this image  to show where they’re headed?  Climb up on a chair or ladder and get a ‘bird’s eye’ view, or lay on the floor and get a shot from below, showing your child’s expression as they look down at a favorite toy.

Where is this little guy going with his lawnmower and puddle boots? Well, this has been the story of my son’s 2nd year of life; pushing his lawnmower through the sun, snow, and rain. I chose to place the focal point of the image  on the left third, allowing the lawnmower, puddle, and sidewalk to lead our eyes along the path he’s taking. This better tells the story of the adventure he was on with his lawnmower. I crouched down low to only include his boots because that’s where all the action was happening and wanted your eye to focus on this. Give it a try when your little one is playing today!

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