Your experience

 IMG 8190bw Your experienceSo often moms are overwhelmed with taking their children to a studio to have them pose in a 30-minute timeframe. Why not let your family enjoy a laid-back, fun day at the park? The key to capturing unforgettable pictures is allowing children to be so carefree and uninhibited—their natural state, of course!—that they forget I have a camera. When a session goes as it should because everyone is relaxed, I feel rewarded knowing I’ve touched a family’s heart and created art they’ll always treasure. I love hearing, “You’ve captured exactly who my daughter is,” “You’ve brought tears to my eyes,”or “WOW! We had a great time.” (read more Testimonials!) What makes Tiia Norsym Photography different is quite simple, actually: your experience is customized and hands-on from start to finish.


Pre-Session Consultation:
Our consultation will take place over the phone before your session. We will discuss the ideal location for your personal photo shoot, clothing, and any requests you may have.


1-2 hour on-location photo session:
While our session will generally last about an hour and a half, some children may take a bit longer to warm up to my camera. I will work with you until I feel I’ve captured enough moments you will be pleased with. Any longer than this time frame, however, often results in hungry and tired children (and adults).


The location:
The location you choose will affect the mood, lighting, and personal touch of your photos. Please carefully consider a few options and then I can help you make your final choice during our consultation. Select a natural location where your child can run and play or daydream under a tree. If your home is the most comfortable, or if you have a new arrival, areas in front of large windows or glass doors will provide beautiful natural light. If you do not have a lot of areas with good natural light, I will bring studio lighting and need minimal space to work with. Also, don’t be afraid to select unique settings such as an urban location that may have special meaning or unusual features.


After our session:
Within 1-2 weeks following your session, you will receive a slideshow proofing gallery to select your favorite images and share with friends and family. Are you interested in creating a wall display? We will meet over the phone or in person for your personal design and ordering consultation. During this time, you will have the opportunity to view and compare the edited images from your session and digitally preview your finished artwork on the walls of your home! If you want to keep things more simple and go at your own pace, then I’m happy to provide you with an online gallery with the option to discuss options over the phone.  My goal is to make the whole process from start to finish, stress-free and enjoyable.  Go to our Investment page to learn more about your product options.


I look forward to this experience with you!